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Michael Kovach
I’m a designer, I breathe ux/ui, I love chili, I love plants, I’m a dreamer ¬†


I’ve designed
30+ VVIP aircraft, 4 star rated apps, 50 websites, 75 logos,

My work has been on the back of the magazines you’ve flipped through in the grocery store, downloaded millions of times from the app store, viewed daily by millions of people, and consistently makes my clients proud of their brand. ūüėĬ†


 I am currently the Creative Director at IDAIR, GmbH where I lead the design of in-flight systems for VVIP aircraft similar to Air Force One. Prior to that I worked for Panasonic Avionics designing the same In-Flight Entertainment and Crew Management software for wide body private aircraft in conjunction with Lufthansa Technik.

In my freetime, I like to use my past User Experience & Design background to take on fun projects that help my clients grow and expand. My experience has led me to create engaging brands, vibrant identities, outstanding apps, and creative concepts. My freelance and in-house experience has allowed me to develop the ability to adapt across industries and technologies.

As an authority on design, brand, and digital engagement, I understand the importance of aligning vision with strategy, implementing with tactfulness, and measuring results with consistency.I have experience copywriting, wire framing, designing, developing, strategizing, leading, and dancing around the office.

Customer Experience
Customer Experience

Mobile Development
Mobile Development
Software Design
Software Design
Creative Direction
Creative Direction


Here’s a bit of the creativity that comes pouring out of my mind.
From app development to websites and logos, my imagination is my biggest asset.  

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Curriculum Vitae

I’ve always had a passion for design and creativity. From the time I was young I’ve been painting, crafting, cooking, building, welding – whatever I could get my hands to make something new out of. ¬†I’ve since developed my own modern design aesthetic based on my very balanced left and right brain lateralization.

How can I help?

Let’s chat so I can help bring your company’s ideas and concepts to life. Together we will create innovative user experiences, vibrant identities, outstanding websites, and creative concepts for millions to see.

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